Tuesday, 12 September 2017

ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks First Impressions


A couple of months ago my friend was making her first ever ColourPop order and asked if I'd like to order anything. Of course, I said yes! These are my first ColourPop items and I decided to go for two very different liquid lipsticks.

The two liquid lipsticks I ordered was the an Ultra Satin Lip in 'Femme' and an Ultra Matte Lip in 'Dr. M'. The packaging of the liquid lipsticks is quite chunky and slightly heavy, a bit different to other liquid lipsticks like the Kat Von D Beauty ones.

'Femme' is a muted dirty lilac colour with a definite satin finish. It feels kind of sticky at first but I wore this during a long day and only reapplied once. I really like the colour and it seems like a darker version of my Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in 'Cher'.

'Dr. M' on the other hand is a deep green that reminds me of the Wicked Witch of The West. I was instantly drawn to this colour and I certainly don't have one like it! I can't wait to pair it up with my duochrome green eyeshadow from MakeUp Geek. Also, removing this colour is messy business!

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