Sunday, 14 August 2016

My Top 6 Travelling Make Up Favourites

Hey all!

This year has been full of a fair amount of travelling opportunities for me and so I have repeatedly been bringing certain make up products away with me. Because of this I thought I would share with you my top 6 travelling make up favourites and why I think they're perfect for travelling. In addition all the products are hand luggage friendly on the plane and all liquids are 100ml or less.

My first item is the Urban Decay De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray in the travel size. When I'm on holiday somewhere hot, I need my make up to have great staying power more than ever! Me getting hot equals me getting sweaty and this may mean melting and moving make up. But no fear- the Urban Decay setting spray is here! It does a great job in making my make up last and with the temperature control technology it has it is not going to budge on a hot day.

Urban Decay does it for me again with the Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette which Emily bought me. This is the perfect compact size for travelling and the packaging isn't breakable. It means that it can survive my hand luggage or suitcase and not break! In addition the colours are perfect neutrals meaning I can make any sort of eye make up with it. Rather than taking lots of eyeshadows with me I instead can take this one eyeshadow which can take me from day to night. I don't think I will ever trust anything else to take travelling with me!

Continuing on from eye make up products, I would like to mention the Seventeen Black Kohl Eye Pencil. I am usually allergic to eyeliner pencils and they make my eyes water like nothing else but for some reason this eye pencil doesn't bother me! But that's not why I like it for travelling. I like it for travelling because it barely takes up any room and can be used in different ways. I like to use it for tight lining as it slides easy without hurting and makes my sparse eyelashes look fuller. This means that if I don't have any mascara on when I am away, at least I can look like I have more eyelashes that I actually have! It is also great for different looks. I can use it across my waterline, on my eyelid, make it strong or smudge it out. Used in conjunction with my Naked Basics palette I can do any sort of look and again take it from day to night.

Let's talk about lipstick. Now I am usually a bold lip kind of girl but when I am on holiday I just want to do my make up as quickly as possible so I can get out and enjoy my holiday. When I was interrailing I had days where I only had an hour to get ready before checking out of our hotel for the next journey so I had no time to fuss around with a bold lip! This is the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in 'Break Away'. It is a nude lipstick and is glides on with ease with a lovely creamy texture. Nude lips aren't difficult to do and how easy it is to apply this lipstick means I don't have to mess around with the lip shape for ages. Furthermore it lasts quite well through drinking and eating and because it is nude it won't look patchy if it fades either! I don't have to pay much attention to this throughout the day and overall is generally just the easiest lipstick I own. You can tell I use it a lot because there's not much of the bullet left!

For primer I have been bringing along Emite Make Up Diamond Heart Primer which I got from GlossyBox one time. I like bringing this because it is very small so does not take up much space in my transparent liquids bag on the plane, which means more room for more make up! The primer also does not take much time to blend in to the skin and settle so I can get on with the rest of my make fairly quickly which I want when I am away. Not only that but the consistency is light and smooth so doesn't feel like a thick silicone primer on a hot day. The last thing I like about it for travelling is that it the peach tone of it means it helps tone down the redness on my skin. Because of this I can still use this even if I am not wearing make up and tackle evening out my skin tone. 

My last travel favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Powder. I have been using this powder for years and there are 2 reasons why I like it for travelling. My first reason is that because it is matte it will get rid of shine. When I am on holiday I find my upper lip, chin, middle of forehead and around my nose get shiny. If that happens I can just pull out this matte powder, put it on and the shine is gone! My second reason is the packaging. When you open the lid you get the powder but if you lift up the powder you then have a mirror and flat sponge applicator. This is my favourite mirror to use if I don't have a big mirror (making it good for on the go) and I can do my make up in it. My Urban Decay Naked Basics palette has a mirror but because it is pressed against the eyeshadows when shut it gets covered in pigment. However, in this case the mirror is separate so it is always clean and clear from product. As a little extra tip, the sponge applicator is handy if you get grains of sand on your face! I don't use it for make up application but one time I was on the beach on a windy day and I had sand grains stuck all in my foundation. As you can imagine it was not a good look but I managed to remove it all with this sponge applicator without ruining my make up. Just a little bonus there!

What are some travel friendly make up products that you like?

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