Tuesday, 6 October 2015

W7 Go Colour Corrective Concealer


If you've been here a while then you would know that I really like my green corrector concealers. For anyone who doesn't know, using a green concealer on your face underneath your foundation/concealer neutralises redness. This can be used on red skin, blemishes and acne. As someone who has a lot of redness from scarring, this is perfect for me and I NEVER apply my make up without using a green concealer! And no, it doesn't make your make up have a green tinge. 

This is the W7 Go Colour Corrective Concealer. I haven't used W7 make up before but have used a couple of nail polishes by them. I've seen W7 be used by bloggers and YouTubers but I haven't seen W7 being sold in anywhere around me. However, when my Mum went to Scotland she spotted W7 there and decided to buy this for me to try.

The concealer does what it says on the pot. It covers well and does neutralise redness. Because it is in a pot you have to either use a brush to apply the product or use your fingers which I am not used to. I normally use concealer sticks that I apply straight onto my face.  But anyway, for this I used an angled eye brush to apply it as I thought it would be more hygienic than using my fingers! I like using an angled brush as it means I can apply it to a more specific area and also get into small areas like the sides of my nose better.

There are pros and cons to it being in a pot. A positive is that because I use a brush I can apply it to specific areas which would be good if you only want to apply it to a few spots or really small areas. Despite this, a negative is that it means it takes longer to apply than using a corrector stick like I normally do.

Due to the fact I like to put green on most of my face in large areas, it would make more sense for me to use a corrector stick as it will cover the larger areas quicker. However, I do like it for the sides of my nose and around my eyes. If you want to go for smaller areas I think this would be better for you.

But overall it does the job it intends to do and it is not a bad product. You can buy it for £4.95 for 7g. It isn't as cheap as my Natural Collection Green Stick Concealer at £1.99 but I don't know which you get more product in as I can't find how much product there is in the Natural Collection One. If I ever see this around I might buy it again and as I said above, I would recommend it to people who only want to apply on a small area at a time.

Do you use any coloured corrector sticks to neutralise certain colours in your face? Let me know! Also, feel free to check out my review of the Natural Collection Green Corrector Stick (click here) and the Max Factor Colour Correcting Green Stick (click here).

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