Saturday, 22 November 2014

Top 5 To Watch on Netflix!

5. Fresh Meat- A hilarious series that I watched and loved on TV and is now on Netflix! Netflix stars the comedian Jack Whitehall and is a hilarious comedy about university students. One to watch- especially if you're a student yourself!

4. Sherlock- I didn't get to watch Sherlock when it was on TV so I was happy when I saw it on here! I loved Sherlock so much I literally stayed up all night to watch them all. For those of you who don't know, Sherlock and Watson work together to uncover mysteries full of plots and twists. Sherlock is one of those characters you'll never forget!

3. Breaking Bad- This is something me and my boyfriend have been watching together. It is one of those programmes you can't just watch one episode of and have to have a marathon of! It's about Walter White who is a chemistry teacher and is diagnosed with cancer. He decides to get into making meth to help pay for his medical bills and to support his family after he's gone. It is hilarious, witty and not one to miss.

2. Orange is the New Black- Not many television shows has made me laugh as much as this one. It is based in a woman's prison and you meet so many funny characters who all have different backgrounds and life stories. I cannot stress enough how humorous this is! Another one that you can't just watch one episode of.

1. American Horror Story- My absolute favourite from Netflix and one of my ultimate favourite shows ever (after Supernatural!) Each season has it's own plot and story whilst using the same actors/actresses. Each episode draws you in and makes you want more. It is creepy, interesting and full of twists. Not for the faint hearted!

What do you enjoy watching on Netflix? Let me know!

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