Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lush | Northern Lights Bath Bomb Review

Hey guys!

As promised in my Lush wishlists, if I bought or received any of those on my wishlist I would review them. Well the time has come already! I took a trip to Lush the other day and managed to limit myself to only two products. One of which I used that night so here it is: The Northern Lights Bath Bomb.

As you can see, it is different to other bath bombs as it is a long one rather than a ball. It is for Fireworks night and with the name Northern Lights I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. When I put the bath bomb in the water it fizzed fairly slowly. At first there was pink and purple oozing out of it and then spots of bright blue started oozing out too. After a while neon yellow then began coming out of it leaving the water with lots of beautiful colours in my bath tub. It was definitely putting on a show- just like a firework! These colours stayed throughout my bath with a stunning pink to purple ombre.

There was also a nice smell to the bath bomb. To me it smelled like blackcurrant but the Lush website actually says it has floral notes with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang oil.

This bath bomb really was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. Plus at only £3.50 I cannot fault it. I really enjoyed it and would certainly repurchase it and/or buy it for a friend. It definitely would be a great present for someone!

Have you used it or had a Lush Haul recently? Let me know!

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