Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Nails: Spiderwebs


Here is another Halloween nail art idea for you: Spiderwebs!
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What you will need:
  • A black striper/Toothpick with black nail varnish on/Black nail art pen. I used the Barry M black nail art pen.

1. Start in the corner of the top of your nail. You need to draw an inner shape first. This kind of looks like a circle but has three points to it, kind of like this: /-\ but with the '-' along the top and the same length as the other sides. Perhaps google images of cartoon spiderwebs for inspiration.

2. Draw another one slightly bigger above it with a slight width in between. Repeat this with an even bigger one above those two with the same width in between. Make sure the sharp points go above one another in the same line so you would be able to draw a straight line through them.

3. From the middle of the smallest /-\ draw a straight line that goes up through the middle of the web and out. 

4. Similarly, start a line from underneath the first /-\ but underneath one of the points. Draw a straight line that goes up through all of the points in line with the bottom one and out. Repeat this for the other point on the opposite side.

5. Optional: You could draw some spiders! Draw a straight line down one of your nails that finishes just before the midde of your nail. Then, make a black spot at the end of it for the spider's body.Add four small lines on either side for legs!

And that's it! It sounds really complicated when written down but if you have a look at my nails and perhaps some cartoon cobwebs you'll understand what I mean. I only used a base coat underneath the spiderwebs as I wanted them to show on my natural nail but you could do a white base coat first and then the black spider webs!

What is going to be on your nails for Halloween? Let me know!

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