Monday, 29 May 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette


My birthday was in April and I decided to gift the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance to myself as a treat. I have been lusting over the palette since it first made the rounds in blogs and YouTube, but I was put off at the price (£41.00). But let me tell you now, it was so, so worth it! 

The packaging is luxurious with a pink velvet lid and a long mirror on the inside. The shadows are a nice square shape; easy to dip your brush in to. The palette features 14 eyeshadow colours: 11 mattes and 3 metallics. It also comes with a double-ended brush which is actually nice and not one of those flimsy brushes some palettes come with.

Below is a close up of the eyeshadows. In addition I will also insert two swatch photos- the top row and the bottom row, left to right, as well as my opinions on each colour.

Top Row

  • Tempera- (Matte, Beige). A lovely brightening colour which I like in my inner-corner.

  • Golden Ochre- (Matte, Earth-Toned Yellow). A unique colour I've used as my lid base and an easy crease colour. I haven't seen this in other palettes.

  • Vermeer- (Iridescent Shell Pink). Another favourite for an inner-corner highlight.

  • Buon Fresco- (Matte Antique Lavender). My most used colour so far! An amazing lavender which I love all over my lid.

  • Antique Bronze- (Metallic Sable). A deep colour that I've mostly used in my crease.

  • Love Letter- (Matte, Raspberry). A beautiful colour which is unique to the palette.

  • Cyprus Umber- (Matte, Dark Coffee). A nice, deep brown, good for the outer 'V' and crease.

Bottom Row

  • Raw Sienna- (Matte, Neutral Amber). A neutral crease and transition shade.

  • Burnt Orange- (Matte, Deep Orange). I love this colour as it is unique and goes well with Realgar.

  • Primavera- (Metallic, Shimmery Gold Dust). This is an amazing inner-highlight that pops like nothing else! 

  • Red Ochre- (Matte, Sienna Red). Truly stunning. A lid colour and crease colour.

  • Venetian Red- (Matte, Crimson). I love the colour of this but don't find it to be as highly pigmented as the other colours, so needs building up.

  • Warm Taupe- (Matte, Earthy Grey). I love this as a crease colour as it is super easy to blend which is perfect when you need to do your make up in a rush!

  • Realgar- (Matte, Brick). Unique to my collection, oranges aren't praised enough.

The overall pigmentation of these shadows are insane! The only slight let down is Venetian Red, but it can be built up. I can't stress enough how velvety and smooth the eyeshadows feel when applying it which I haven't seen in other palettes that I've used. 

The only other issue is that you really do need to use shadow shields, or like me, a tissue under your eyes. The majority of the colours do have fall out that will smudge if you swipe it away. It may even be worth doing your eye make up before your base make up so you can remove any fall out with a make up wipe. This also means that little crumbs of shadow build up in the palette when you've put your brush in it, so I do recommend putting your brush back in to use those little crumbs on your eyes rather than leaving them in the palette to make a mess. This isn't really much of a problem but something to consider when using them.

In conclusion, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this palette and it is definitely my favourite in my collection! I use it every day so the amount I use it justifies the price of it. It has many unique shades and I love every colour. I've already recommended it to people and will continue to recommend it.

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