Sunday, 22 January 2017

Real Techniques Your Picks: Berlin Brushes


Throughout 2016 I was finding that many of my older make up brushes, from Seventeen, were coming off their handles. I was trying to use stubbly little brushes without the handles, so I knew it was time for some new make up brushes! 

These are the Real Techniques Your Picks: Berlin brushes which were bought for me for Christmas. This design was voted for by fans of Real Techniques to represent art found in Berlin. As you can see, they are white with black splodges, with pink at the end of the handles.

The brush handles are heavier than I'm used to with Real Technique brushes but I suppose that helps give more precision. There are five brushes: Buffing brush, contour brush, stippling brush, deluxe crease brush and base shadow brush.

  • Buffing Brush: For full coverage powder and mineral foundation application. I haven't used it for applying foundation yet as I love my RT Expert Face Brush for that. Instead, I've been using it to apply my powder which is quite good at applying it over large areas. As mentioned, it is fab for full coverage because of its density!

  • Contour Brush: Before this brush I was using a small powder/face brush from Seventeen. Now I've got this contour brush I can contour so much easier. However, because it is dense I need to ensure that I only use a small amount of contour otherwise it starts to go stripey! It's description also says it's good for highlighter so will need to check that out.

  • Stippling Brush: I've read that this is good for an airbrushed look for all types of make up and I honestly agree. I've been using this to stipple over my face after applying foundation and concealer and I'm seeing a difference! Not only does my concealer look more blended in to the foundation but the foundation looks like a part of my skin! It looks flawless and definitely evens out any build up of foundation.

  • Deluxe Crease Brush: This brush is very soft and not dense like the other brushes. I like it best for blending out the edges of my crease colour and under eye colour so the lines aren't harsh.

  • Base Shadow Brush: Another soft brush! I use this to apply my base colour as it is wide but I also like it for blending out the edges of my crease colour too. Love a good multi-task make up brush!

The only fault I can pick with these brushes is that when I got them, there was a bristle coming out of my deluxe crease brush which wouldn't come out. After my first time cleansing the brushes I then had a few bristles come out like that with my other brushes. I haven't had this happen before with Real Technique brushes so it is a bit annoying but hopefully it is just a fault in my own set and not a fault with them in general.

This brush set retails for £24.99 but is currently on sale at £18.74.

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