Wednesday, 7 May 2014

April Instagram Round Up!

Here is my monthly round up of Instagram photos, taken from @BrionyBea. Follow if you'd like!

1. McDonalds- My pre-birthday binge!
2. It was my birthday! I shared my little cakes my friend gave me and a birthday selfie.
3. I then went to go out to eat and watch the film Divergent with friends so I shared my OOTD and a photo of me and my friends.
4. Family Birthday Meal! My sister made me a lovely birthday cake and I wore my favourite playing card stockings.
5. Nails! These star Models Own Speckled Egg and Models Own Hypergel.
6. More selfies and a video of my friend acting crazy at like 1 in the morning outside.
7. My step-sister bought me a box of 12 big bags of Starburst which was pretty crazy. They are my favourites!
8. Finally I shared my beautiful choker which I have already written about here on my blog.

What is your Instagram? Let me know!

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