Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Empties #14

I normally publish an Empties post once a month but I forgot to publish this in August- whoopsy! I've got a bunch of skincare empties so let's see what I've got:

I've finally finished my Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel! I've been using this for god knows how many months so I feel like I've achieved something finishing this! It doesn't really have a particular smell, just a classic creamy body wash smell. I love Soap & Glory products whether it is bath and shower or make up!

Another Impulse body spray has been gotten through too and this time it is 'Tease, Red Fruits & Woods'. These always appear in my Empties posts and to be honest I don't normally find that they have very distinguishable scents so I don't really mind what I use...as long as it makes me smell better!

As a long term fan of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I thought I'd try the newer Pure Active one which is supposedly for combination to oily & sensitive skin. To be honest I found the original one was already perfect for my sensitive skin so I don't really see the difference between them. Either way it's good though.

I've had this Bath & Body Mimosa & Violet body spray for years and never used it because I wasn't a big enough of a fan of the scent to spray it all over my body. However, because I find the scent quite fresh I instead used it as a room spray! Once or twice a day I'd spray it in my room and it would just make it smell a bit better. I liked using it when it was hot because it seemed to make things cooler. I don't really know how true and scientific that is but that's what it seemed to do anyway.

Cotton buds: boy do I make use for these! I am constantly buying cotton buds because I use them everyday for make up. I use it to clean up eyeshadow excess, straighten the edges of my lipstick and eyeliner as well as getting foundation off of my eyebrow hairs. I like to get ear piercings a lot too so I need them for cleaning my new piercing. Cotton buds are essential for me! I wrote a blog post on various ways to use cotton buds ages ago.

Finally, I used up the Superdrug Tea Tree facial wash. I always use a tea tree face wash for my acne prone skin and the past few months I've been using a foaming cleanser one from The Body Shop. However, when I went travelling in June and holiday in July I needed a non-foaming one that I could decant into a travel bottle so I bought this Superdrug one! It doesn't dry out my skin and I know I'll go for it every time I go travelling now.

See you for Empties #15!

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